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Is God despising Small Things?

An Excerpt from the Book, "Born for This"...

I believe throughout the upcoming years we will have “defining moments” with small things just as Samson did with the jawbone. While many ignorant Christians and spiritual leaders are despising small things, we will embrace them. God has and will always use small things to bring about victory and change. Be careful despising small things.

God is going to bring you to a big event with the small thing that’s in your hands. His wisdom will cause you to see it at the right time.

Just use it the same way wisdom tells you to use it. It will create new victories for you. (Read about David in 1 Samuel 17:29-51)

You will make history and be remembered with a small thing. Our culture focuses so much on “big things” that they are literally missing what God is doing and wants to do with small things. Things that seem to be insignificant. Don’t get caught up with the “BIG syndrome”. Let God bring you to defining moments with small things (If He chooses to do so).

God is going to use small things to accomplish His will just as He does with big things. In this generation, small will finally be recognized and celebrated. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH SMALL THINGS. God created small and large things!

So while people are dreaming big, despising small, overlooking small people, small organizations, and small churches, they don’t know that God is going to use what they despise. People are trying to fix small churches and small organizations, but they don’t realize that they don’t need to be fixed. They need to be exposed to the world to help create change. While you're despising

small things, you could be fighting against God.

Little sarcasm…

· Keep thinking the jawbone that Samson used won’t work and that he can’t destroy 1,000 men with it.

· Keep thinking David’s slingshot won’t work.

· Keep thinking the little boy’s lunch won’t feed thousands.

· Keep thinking a little pot of oil won’t bring wealth and riches.

· Keep thinking God won’t use a raven to feed the prophet or a poor widow woman.

· Keep thinking 300 Spartans can’t defeat an army of thousands.

· Keep thinking 300 Israelites can’t defeat an army much greater than them.

· Keep thinking a small church of 120 can’t explode in a community and launch the world-changing Body of Christ that has lasted for more than 2,000 years.

· Keep thinking one man called Philip can’t bring great joy to a whole city.

· Keep thinking that one man (Christ Jesus) can’t save the whole world.

· Keep thinking God can’t use an 18-year-old teenager from Longview, Tx. and give him an assignment that will absolutely shift the church culture in America.

· Keep thinking small house churches can’t reach a whole region and even nation with the Gospel of Jesus.

In our culture, we listen to people after they have a big event, but wise people will listen to them when they are still considered small and insignificant. They were and are the same person when they didn’t have the platform. Stop despising or thinking low of people just because they aren’t popular, or they have small businesses or churches. They could be exactly what you need in your life. Renew your mind and start thinking the way God does, and not the way sinners in our society taught you to think. You’ve been brainwashed and you don’t even know it.

- Doc Murphy

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