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T.E.N. is a fellowship of DMM churches. We are an apostolic family connected by one vision and one mission...and that is to go #everywhere!

Our goal is to build disruptive, innovative congregations that will penetrate communities with the Word of faith and present a Modern New Testament Church Model to this nation and world. We bring a unique approach to church planting.

We purposely launch churches that are attacking the works of the enemy with an innovative paradigm called the "Jesus Model". Many churches are on the brink of disruptive change, driven by real faith, new technological possibilities, and multi-site trends. We aim to transform how the church makes disciples and plant churches by leveraging technology and new approaches and, in the process, create a multiplication of disciples that literally takeover in their areas of influence.

Doc and Mary and T.E.N. Family of churches are connected to Mark Hankins Ministries, Bill Winston Ministries, and Kenneth Copeland Ministries.

Mission: To establish God's Kingdom #everywhere by planting churches in every city of America and abroad. We will accomplish this before the return of Jesus because everyone needs to know about the love of Jesus so their lives can radically change for the better.


Slogan: Every City, Every State, Every Nation. Everywhere!


Vision: TEN will go everywhere in America (Jerusalem) and then to the uttermost parts of the earth. Acts 1:8. We will become the largest disciple-making force in US Church History.


TEN has its Music, Bible Colleges, church planting strategy, book publishing company, movies, business school, leadership school, conferences, and Kids and Youth curriculum.


The Embassy or Headquarters of DMM/TEN is located in Plano, Tx.


The annual MEGA Conference brings together all churches (mainly leaders and church volunteers) for a time of leadership training, vision casting, reports, and impartation from Doc and Mary Murphy. It is nicknamed "The Impartation Vacation". 

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