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Are You a PROducer?

If we are going to plan for the future and be producers, we must:


Reevaluate. This means to judge, gauge, rate, check things out. How are things going in your life? Are you and God pleased with your OUTcome? If not, change your operations.


Revive. This means strengthen or bring back to life the passion you once had for your God given purpose. You’ve lost your zeal, passion, joy, and urgency to get the job done. Get revived!

Revisit. You need to revisit visions, prophesies, and goals. This will even bring about the necessary revival. When was the last time you revisited the prophecy that was spoken over your life? Regularly, I review the vision and prophecies spoken about my life. These serve as a benchmark for my productivity. However, it's vital to understand that these prophecies won't manifest without my active participation. To make them a reality, I must take action and walk in faith.

Rethink. To produce work in accordance with God's specific instructions, it's imperative to break free from conventional thinking patterns prevalent within the secular world and the Church community. It's necessary to understand and adopt the mindset of the Kingdom of God to produce the desired results, which might not be readily comprehensible to others. If I were to align my thinking with theirs, there would be no progress and creative output.

Rebrand. It's time for some of us to embrace change and evolve. Rather than being stagnant and caught up in the system, it's essential to rebrand ourselves as action figures for the Kingdom of God, creating a meaningful impact with our contributions.

Recalibrate: Calibrate: to adjust precisely for a particular function. Some of you just need to make a few minor adjustments and you’ll be right on track. The Holy Spirit will speak to your heart on what you need to change. For some of you the Holy Spirit is saying, “STOP BEING LAZY AND MAKING UP EXCUSES”!


Pastor Doc Murphy

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