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The Characteristics of a TRUE Biblical Apostle

I'm going to give a few traits of a Biblical Apostle straight off the dome...haha. In this post I will not use Scripture. I'll do that in another one. Here we go!

1. Apostles are like entrepreneurs not managers. A manager is a leader, but he is not the head leader. An apostle is always at the top of the leadership pole.

2. The apostles establish movements and will find people to run with the vision.

3. Apostles are not pastors. They raise up pastors to lead what they have established. Only apostles plant churches, not pastors.

4. Apostles are sent ones. They are always on the go. They go into a region to establish a church and sometimes a business. They find leaders, and then leave and turn the work over to apostolic people to continue what was started.

5. Apostles are always training current leaders and future leaders.

6. Apostles are visionaries and prophetic. They see the future. They are always speaking about what's going to happen or where the church will be. They are misunderstood and always never believed at first. People can NEVER see what they see at first. Because apostles are people who can see years ahead, it takes special people to stick with them in the beginning of a work.

7. Apostles are aggressive and PROgressive. They are aggressive with seeing change and they are always progressing. They will progress and be productive in everything they do.

8. Apostles are never stagnate. They are active and PROactive. They are actively putting things in place before they need those things. Why? They are visionaries and creators.

9. Apostles are straight shooters. They don't shoot the bull, they cut the bull. They don't have time for jive, lies, and foolishness. To the majority of the world they seem mean and uncaring. The reality is apostles are very loving, giving, caring, and kind. They just don't put up with foolishness and they will tell people THAT!

10. Apostles are born leaders and they have wisdom beyond their years.

11. Apostles are great discerners of potential. They can see other people's potential and they will empower those people to become what they have the purpose and potential to become.

12. Apostles are pioneers. They are disrupters. They are Kingdom Builders. They are influencers. This makes the status quo mad. Traditional leaders and mediocre people who like to stay comfortable almost hate apostles. The apostles come in upsetting people and old models. The disrupt things in cities and churches. They are unreasonable and they refuse to care about the opinions of others. They go in looking to rebel against the status quo. They will not back down, turn around, give up, or shut up. They are absolutely rebellious!

13. Apostles usually have multiple talents. They usually operate in all 5 ministry gifts and they usually are very creative and can do multiple things. People get jealous of them and want to do multiple things like they see apostles doing, but what the people don't realize is God made the apostle that way so they can establish things until people catch on and will help run with the vision. Multiple talents and gifts are the exception not the rule. There are not and will never be many apostles. They are one percenters and pioneers.

14. Apostles are special messengers. God gives them revelation of His Word that no one else in the Body of Christ will get. Without the apostles we don't get "Special Messages". The body of Christ today is ignorant on several topics because they have smothered the apostles and have become "pastor oriented" instead of apostolic. The pastors LEARN from the apostles. Every foundation starts with the apostles and then the prophets.

I hope you enjoyed the little teaching. I'll give Scripture sometime in the future. Just trust me...haha

Doc Murphy

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