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Pioneers, Disrupters, and Trendsetters

Isaiah 45:2 "I will go before you and make the rough places smooth; I will shatter the doors of bronze and cut through their iron bars.

God is a pioneer. He created the world and everything in it. The Scripture above just highlights His character and His ability to go before people and pioneer a smooth trail for others to follow.

God has given this same ability to certain men and women. These pioneers are visionary leaders who blaze trails for the now and next generation. They are disrupters of industries and ministries. They are influencers. They are empire builders. They are people who set trends and establish new ways of doing things. They make it possible for the people behind them to fulfill their God-given purposes.

Pioneers are legacy builders. They build their legacy and they also help others build theirs. My motto is: "My legacy is to help you build yours. My success is helping others succeed."

Pioneers work hard to blaze trails that no one else will dare to blaze. They take the persecution, the misunderstandings, and the pain. It's all for the future. People catch up eventually, but the pioneer will not wait for people to catch up. They are PIONEERS!

Jesus was a pioneer. He started a movement called "The Church" and it has reached millions around the world and has literally changed the world FOREVER. He died for it!

Peter was a pioneer. He preached the first sermon of the first local congregation in Jerusalem. He and the other apostles started the first local "Church". He also traveled to other cities and established some of the first congregations of our Christian faith.

Paul was a pioneer. He was a disrupter in the Kingdom of God. He traveled and planted many churches. He and Peter reached and ministered to the Gentiles (a pioneering movement in that day). He helped to change the way the church was thinking concerning the law and how to reach the Gentiles (it rubbed everyone the wrong way). He was blazing trails and disrupting the current state of the church. Paul pioneered the Multi-Site movement. He established churches, put pastors over them, and sent letters to the churches for the leaders to read to the whole congregation.

We do the same thing but instead of letters, we use video!

The Everywhere Network is a pioneering church multiplication movement. We will plant 5 church movements in every state of this country. This is a pioneering vision that hasn't been done yet by any other Christian organization. We train people to become Kingdompreneurs. We teach our people to go into every area of society and become the greatest influence. We will disrupt industries and change how people think about the church. We will shift the paradigm of church planting. We will become the greatest church planting movement EVER!

We will be laughed at, persecuted, called rebellious, and fought. So was Jesus, Peter, Paul, Noah, David, Moses, Peter Daniels, Martin Luther King, Muhamed Ali, and all the other great secular and spiritual pioneers.

We will not keep quiet. We will not back down. We will not be afraid to be who we are. We are salt. We are light. We are a City on a Hill. We are multipliers. We are pioneers of new models and new ways of doing things. We are supposed to be on top and become the greatest influence.

Now, who's ready to get in the danger zone and pioneer this great work for the Kingdom of God?

Doc Murphy

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